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Colors/Circle Painting

Today we talked about and practiced our colors some more. The more we do it the better the children will become at knowing them.  We started by going over the Colors Poster, then I read “My first COLORS” book.  Then it was time for the craft.  I took five bowls, toiler paper rolls, cardstock paper and the kids picked out 5 colors fo paint that they wanted to work with, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange & Purple.

The next step was to take the toiler paper roll out of each color they wanted to use and stamp it on their paper so that it would make a circle.  Some circles were all filled in with paint and others were just the oulines. The kids had a great time doing this and their pictures came out wonderful.

I was really impressed at the fact the each child used the specific roll that was in a certain color paint instead of trying to use one roll and move it from color to color.




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