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Today was a FANTASTIC DAY!!!! The kids were in awww as they looked around the new play room.  They played with so many things I haven’t seen them play with before. It was wonderful.  The three I had in the morning, S, R, K did a great job of sharing,  playing and even picking up when asked.  All the children played with some of the following: the chalk boards, the white erase board with Magnets, the new rug for cars, sorting shapes, instruments, the kitchen area,The bus, Bean bag toss, tools, Dora & Diego and SO much more. But I have to say that I think one of the BIGGEST (Literally) hits was the addition of the new climber/playhouse.  I took too many pictures, as usual, so they may end up on Snapfish.com.  I didn’t bother to plan anything for today and may not for this week. I am letting the kids get aquainted to the new play area and where things are located and find all the new activities.  While teaching them as they play. They had a blast today!!

As always, I welcome your comments.


Comments on: "First day back from Vacation to a New Playroom" (1)

  1. Looks and sounds like everyone is enjoying the changes.

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