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Hello Parents,

I had a friend, who has been in the business 20 years, come in today and help me rearrrange the Daycare. Not only is it very different colors, it is set up a bit differently, including a large piece of play equipment in the middle of it.  It also has different areas for different activities.  I hope you like it and that the kids really enjoy it.   I still am looking for some educational posters for the walls.  I ordered a set last week.

Please let me know what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment.

  Our new Climber and play house.

 From one Corner of the room.

 Book Shelf, Toy Totes area

 Quiet area for reading and the rug in front can be used for reading books to the kids too.

 Toys and art area.

 Kitchen and Baby areas.


Comments on: "New Daycare Changes (Again)" (2)

  1. Nicole Canning said:

    The changes that you have made at the daycare are incredible. All though I have not seen the room in person it looks fabulous in pictures. I love that there are designated areas for specific activities. The changes you have made to the daycare in the past few months have made a tremendous difference, I love the structure that you have incorporated into the day and I love that Kaci even though she is little is being exposed to shapes,colors, letters and crafts. Of course as a mother/parent is great to see what they are doing. The time and effort you put into the blog is amazing we love looking at the pictures. As I have stated before my mom and Chris’ family in Texas loves looking at especially since they don’t get to see Kaci often. I know that you said you are open to suggestions the only thing that I could think of that might be fun is if you have themed days every once in a while like a PJ and Movie day and all the kids come in PJs and eat breakfast food for lunch etc..As you know I teach and will keep my eyes peeled for any activities that I see on line that might be beneficial. Overall I am very pleased with the changes and love the structure that you have incorporated into the day I think it is extremely beneficial to Kaci. As far as the Holiday crafts go we hung them all up in the window and Kaci would walk up to them and say “I made it…Nancy” it was so cute and so true.

  2. Sheri Martinez (Kaci's Aunt) said:

    The room looks GREAT!!! What a special Christmas treat for the kids to come back to a new room!! I was able to spend time over Christmas with Kaci and loved every minute of it. She is so much fun to be around. Thank you for all that you do for her every day – to make her days fun, interesting and educational.

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