Where care is most like home.

We ALL  had a wonderful time at our Christmas party today.  We did three Holiday Crafts, ate pizza and desserts, had candy and had goodie bags.   All the children exchanged gifts.  They were all quite pleased with the gifts they received too.

And, as the kids were leaving they got the Christmas Stockings that I made for each of them (I forgot to give out a couple of them, sorry).  We were missing one little boy today as he was home sick.

A very, very special Thank You to all of the people that contributed to our party with either food or supplies.  I really sppreciate it. 

I can’t possibly uplaod all the pictures that I took today to this BLOG (100+ of them)  so I will be uploading the entire album to Snapfish.com so you can view them on there once I send an invitation to your email address (I also made each parent a CD of today’s party).   And remember that you can view these pictures on the BLOG larger just by clicking on them.   There are so many good ones.

I am so pleased that your child(ren) love coming here.  Makes me very happy.  And I love having them here.



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