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Play Duh Fun

We kept pretty busy playing today.  We played inside and outside and in the playroom and back outside. So we all decided we would have an easy afternoon, while still working on our Motor skills.  So, we played with Play Duh.  We had a lot of fun making different cookie cutter shapes.  We made Bears, Stars, Candy Canes and other shapes as well.  Tomorrow is our big Christmas Party, YAY!!  Everyone is so excited.



Comments on: "Play Duh Fun" (3)

  1. Michelle Colantuone said:

    Glad to see “D” having so much fun. All the kids look like they are having fun!

    Love Nana & Papa XOXO

    • He really does have a great time with all the things we do and him just playing with everything. So glad you get to see his this way, often.
      Lil’ Caboose

  2. wccproviders said:

    Looks like everyone having fun. We love playing with different doughs also. We’ve started to use large floor tiles for rolling out our dough on. Makes very portable and great for using on the floor.

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