All about me Art Project Nov 8, 2011

Okay, I know I teased you earlier so really, here is the awesome project we did today. The kids and I were so excited to give them to you.  

Today we made All about me/I.D   art projects.  I read the book “All about me”.  Then I traced each of the childrens hands and feet.  I also gave them an outline picture of a person. While the kids were coloring in their person pictures, I was cutting out all the hands and feet.  Once we were all done, the kids pasted their hands and feet onto their pictures.  While they were pasting I cut out their headshots from some of the pictures I had taken.  The kids then added their photo to their picture.  Once this was all done I had them line up and I did all of their height and weights and wrote them down on the back of their pictures.  Then, one final thing before our project was complete, I inked the kids fingers and put their finger prints on the back of their pictures.   Great information to have of your child(ren) at any age.

I hope you love them as much as we did.

Remeber you can see these pictures larger if you click on them. There are so many that I had to put them on here small.


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