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Color Game

Today I attempted to play a Colors game.  It was my first attempt to have the kids actually sit in a circle and play a game. I had a couple interested in playing, really only playing with the fly swatters, and I had a few wanderers.  First I read the book Cat’s Colors.  Then I placed the playing mat on the floor  in the middle of the children ( On the playing mat is each color Placed in a photo pocket then taped together) then I gave them each a fly swatter.  I had printed off  5 objects that matched each color and laminated them.  The object of the game was for me to hold up a picture of an object of a certain color.  Then the kids were to use the fly swatter to hit the correct color on the playing mat.  I did try a different way of doing colors as well.  The kids pointed out the color/pictures I have all over the wall.  So we went through those and we named all the colors. 

It is difficult, sometimes,  with the ages as the littler ones really just want to play, which I totally understand. 

(I don’t think these pictures came out as well as the others and this time I used my nicer camera (because with all these activities I am going through AA batteries 2 a day. I need to invest in some rechargable ones), I am still learning how to use this camera as it is quite complicated for me.  I don’t know if it had a lot to do with the lighting in the Play room.)  Hope you can see and enjoy them.



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