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10 Lessons Motherhood Taught Me

10 Lessons Motherhood Taught Me

I remember my entrance into the crazy journey called motherhood. After a relatively easy pregnancy, I ended up going into labor before my Lamaze class had finished. Not that I missed much, the class time was mostly spent meditating (ie sleeping) to relaxation music and giving our husbands back rubs (our instructor explained that we would “get those back rubs back during labor”.) I didn’t care. I was getting an epidural.


10 Lessons that Motherhood Taught Me: No Twiddle Twaddle


Oops. Labor was a little fast for that epidural, and I got to experience birth the old-fashioned way with no real preparation other than a vague memory that I was supposed to breath and that my husband was supposed to be giving me unlimited back massages. I’m still waiting on those back massages.

My first months as a mom were a little rough. I never was a “baby person” and my first child was “colicky” (ie. screamed for hours a day). So, my introduction into motherhood was long and exhausting. But, even then I knew I would never want things back to the way they once were.

10 Lessons Motherhood Taught Me

This Mother’s Day, I will be a mom now for almost five years. So, I’m going to celebrate by sharing 10 lessons motherhood taught me. After all, after five years I figure it’s my turn to give unwanted parenting advice. Speaking of which . . .

#1 – It’s a lot easier to give parenting advice than it is to listen to it.

#2 – Every mom gets her turn to be “that mom” at the grocery store.

#3 – It’s not just Mommy’s kisses that make kids feel better; kiddy kisses make Mommy feel better too.

#4 – There is always at least one Cheerio in plain sight and at least one sock where you can never find it.

#5 – Getting to be in a bathroom with the door closed is a luxury not a necessity.

#6 – Cute designer clothes can’t compete with Batman pajamas.


10 Lessons Motherhood Taught Me


#7 – That last trimester of no sleep – It was just a dress-rehearsal.

# 8 – Having kids is a great weight loss plan. Ice cream cones are meant to be shared and sitting on the couch is life in the past.

# 9 – Anyone can change a diaper, but potty training isn’t for wimps.

#10 – Motherhood: There is no job that is more worth getting up for, missing sleep for, and living for.


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